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May 2013
Volume 34, Issue 5


Synca’s ENA HRi: Delivering Optimal, Natural-Looking Esthetics

When working with dental composites, it can be quite a challenge for clinicians to match the composites to existing tooth structure. One of the key factors in achieving optimal esthetics with composites, says Dominic Babinski, CMA, Director of Business Development at Synca Marketing Inc., is to pay close attention to the refractive index of the material being used. The closer the refractive index of the composite is to the refractive index of natural tooth enamel, the better the esthetics will be, he advises.

And Babinski is in a good position to know. Synca Marketing Inc. is the US distributer of ENA HRi composite, manufactured by the Italian company Micerium S.p.A. ENA HRi, he says, is the only composite on the market that offers clinicians the same refractive index as natural tooth enamel. Given its superior esthetics, ENA HRi—the “HRi” stands for high refractive index—provides clinicians an excellent option when performing restorative procedures anywhere in the mouth.

Babinski explains that the natural-looking, nanohybrid composite can be used for any procedure, especially those that require an emphasis on esthetics. “Anterior, posterior, direct, indirect—ENA HRi can be used for virtually all types of restorations,” he asserts. He adds that one of the qualities that sets ENA HRi apart from other composites in the esthetic arena is the fact that it is a layering composite. “In a layering composite, there is both a dentin component and an enamel component. This type of composite is more realistic than a universal composite because it mimics the natural structure of the tooth. It makes ENA HRi ideal for procedures that put a high value on esthetics.”

ENA HRi’s enamel component features the same refractive index as natural enamel, says Babinski. “The enamel component of ENA HRi has a natural blue and amber opalescence and is engineered to reproduce natural-looking opalescence when exposed to light,” he explains. “This results in incredibly life-like work.”

ENA HRi’s enamel component is not the only part of the composite formulated to mimic natural tooth structure—the dentin component is manufactured to be fluorescent. “In teeth, dentin naturally demonstrates fluorescence, and ENA HRi mirrors that quality so that when light hits the material it behaves like natural tooth structure,” says Babinski.

While ENA HRi was created and is manufactured by an Italian company, as its US distributor, Synca has gone to great lengths to ensure that their American customers have all of the information they need to work with these materials. “Even though we are not the manufacturer, we are able to aid our customers in all the ways that manufacturers would. We coordinate hands-on courses for clinicians, have a presence at trade shows, and are even involved in the laboratory side of the business,” says Babinski. Synca also offers customer assistance through its sales force. “Our entire sales force is comprised of trained dental professions. Some are dental technicians, others have been dentists in other countries, but they are all able to offer a high level of support on a one-on-one basis,” he says.

Babinski also points out that Synca’s Internet presence is specifically tailored to assist clinicians looking for more information about the company’s products. “Our Micerium/HRi website ( is one in our network of micro-sites dedicated to each major product group we represent. Each site features a library of videos that include product tutorials and other important information so that our customers can feel comfortable with each and every Synca-distributed product.”

Babinski says Synca is looking forward to seeing the composite industry continue to grow and evolve. “Essentially, I see companies refining their current composite formulas to help meet the needs of what I believe are the two types of clinicians that use composites—those who use it for basic restorative procedures, and those who use it to accomplish fancy, complicated, super-esthetic restorations. As a company, Synca wants to be able to provide composite options that cater to both of these groups, and by distributing ENA HRi, we are accomplishing that goal.”


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