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Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur by Strauss & Co. Industrial Diamonds LTD

Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur

Strauss & Co. Industrial Diamonds LTD

The one-piece solid carbide Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur offers a number of valuable benefits to your practice. Its crown and bridge removal design facilitates cutting through precious and non-precious metal sub-structure and framework.
Special blade geometry featuring fine cross-cuts and unique neck design produce a bur that quickly cuts metal with reduced chatter, breakage, and improved control. Computer aided design maximizes performance while cutting gold, amalgam, nickel, chrome and other metal alloys.
The Barracuda Super Bur is the fastest and most efficient quality bur for cavity preps. You’ll experience no grabbing, stalling, or breaking while cutting through amalgams or metals.

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