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Inside Dentistry
February 2015
Volume 11, Issue 2

Your Armamentarium

Excellent patient care relies heavily on the materials and technology used in the treatment. Here is a selection of practice tools to consider adding to your armamentarium. For more information about any of the products featured in this issue—as well as many other categories—fill out the enclosed Reader Service Card or visit


RSC #108 | FluoroDose from Centrix is a white cavity varnish featuring 5% sodium fluoride in a single-use LolliPack® package. FluoroDose requires no prophy before application, dries in seconds upon contact with saliva, and remains on the tooth for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake.

Quad-Tray® Xtreme™

RSC #109 | Clinician’s Choice Dental Products’ Quad-Tray Xtreme is a metal quadrant, disposable impression tray. The inflexible tray is designed for accuracy and ease of use, made from rigid aluminum so it will not distort when placed or at removal.


RSC #111 | Constic from DMG America is a light-cured, self-etching, self-adhesive, radiopaque, flowable restorative composite indicated for a wide range of clinical indications. Constic offers etching, bonding, and filling in a single step, helping to reduce errors and save time.

IPS e.max® Press Multi

RSC #113 | IPS e.max Press Multi from Ivoclar Vivadent is the world’s first polychromatic ingot for the press technique. It effectively combines esthetics, efficiency, and strength. The lifelike shade gradiation within the material imparts monolithic restorations with a natural-looking appearance.

NuSmile ZR Pediatric Crowns

RSC #114 | NuSmile ZR pediatric crowns are manufactured of high-grade monolithic zirconia ceramic, delivering true-to-life esthetics along with ease of placement. With science based anatomy, optimized translucency, and a material strength nine times stronger than natural teeth, NuSmile ZR crowns provide exceptional durability lasting until deciduous tooth exfoliation without needing ongoing repairs.

Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur

RSC #115 | The one-piece solid carbide Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur from Strauss & Co. Industrial Diamonds offers a number of valuable benefits to your practice. Its crown and bridge removal design facilitates cutting through precious and non-precious metal sub-structure and framework.

DrQuickLook™ Intraoral Dental Viewer

RSC #112 | The DrQuickLook Intraoral Dental Viewer provides patients visual clarification of necessary treatment without the complexity or cost of traditional intraoral cameras. The Intraoral Dental Viewer delivers sharp, crystal clear, color images on a handheld screen, putting what the professional sees immediately at the fingertips of the patient.

Aquasil Ultra Cordless

RSC #110 | Aquasil Ultra Cordless from DENTSPLY Caulk creates a retractionless impression, which simplifies and hastens impression procedures. Most procedures don’t require a cord or paste—just direct sulcus placement. This means less chair time and reduced anxiety for your patients.

Filtek™ LS

RSC #107 | The Filtek LS Low Shrink Posterior Restorative System from 3M ESPE combines the lowest-shrinking silorane-based composite with a dedicated, two-step, self-etching bonding system: 3M ESPE LS System Adhesive Self-Etch Primer and Bond.

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