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Cranex D by SOREDEX

Cranex D


CRANEX D is a direct digital panoramic and cephalometric x-ray system that provides superior image quality and more diagnostic value. Available as a single or dual sensor system, the CRANEX D grows with your practice, making it a valuable addition to meet the needs of your office. It combines quality images, ease-of-use, and flexibility to make your day-to-day diagnostics easy and accurate.

The system features superb anterior image quality in panoramic imaging with its patented Variable Panoramic Collimator (VPC) by expanding the focal trough by 50% compared to traditional techniques. Additional innovative features on the unit include Automatic Collimator Selector (ACS) to easily set proper collimation for the imaging program prescribed, as well as the Automatic Exposure Setting (AES) where the system recommends proper cephalometric exposure values based on the size of the patient. These automated and optimized exposure settings maximize the practice’s workflow. CRANEX D is built for contemporary, fast-paced dental care where reliability is key.


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