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PhotoCAD by Smile Line USA, Inc.


Smile Line USA, Inc.

PhotoCAD retractors allows for the best results with photography of the 4 quadrants and during digital impressions with CAD/CAM systems. They are sold as a set or separately. The set includes: 2 Upper Retractors and 1 Lower Retractor.

Made of the same material as our Flexipallate, the PhotoCAD is foldable and has a soft surface for the patients’ best comfort. PlastiMed is a medical grade plastic rubber, latex-free, hypoallergenic, totally safe for the common plastic allergies and suitable for intraoral use. The material is opaque and reflection-free. Photo-CAD can be ergonomically folded and adapted to the patient’s mouth and to the needs of the photographer.

Wash the Photo-CAD using tap water and soap, scrubbing with a soft sponge (do not use fibers or metal brushes). Sterilization procedure should be done afterwards. Photo-CAD sterilization shall be done in autoclave at 135 °C (wet heat) for 15 minutes. Do not sterilize over 210 °C. Do not dry sterilize. Photo-CAD is resistant to alcohols, phenols, glutaraldehyde, their mixtures and other mercury free disinfectants.


Warning: Store Photo-CAD in the dark. Do not expose Photo-CAD to sunlight for an extended time. Do not dry sterilize.

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