Inside Dentistry
October 2014
Volume 10, Issue 10

New to the Market

To help you make the purchasing decisions for your practice, here is a selection of new product offerings from well-known and trusted manufacturers. For more information about any of the products featured this month, circle the corresponding Reader Service number on the card provided in this issue.

A | A+Wedge™

Unlike a typical wedge, A+Wedge™ fom Garrison Dental Systems is coated with an astringent that allows the clinician to control gingival bleeding. The wedges are designed to prevent back-out and are long enough to allow for proper matrix ring placement. Available in a range of sizes, they can be purchased separately or as a component in Garrison’s sectional matrix kits.


B | Precision Reservoir Brush

The Precision Reservoir Brush from Zubler is designed for bulk or fine application of stains. Modifications to the design keep the stain from over-dispensing and dripping, also allowing one to easily control the flow of stain for applying sweeping color or fine detail.


C | Densah™ Burs

Densah™ Burs for implant osteotomy preparation from Versah LLC have a non-excavating proprietary flute design that precisely cuts bone when turning clockwise and densifies bone when rotated in reverse. This technique, known as Osseodensification, autografts bone along the entire length of the osteotomy with the use of irrigation. The result leads to improved implant stability and potentially earlier loading.



i-CAT, a brand member of the KaVo Kerr Group, launched the i-CAT FLX MV (medium field-of-view) 3D cone-beam system for clinicians who place and restore implants, perform oral surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery with greater confidence and lower radiation. The innovative features of the i-CAT FLX MV will deliver greater clarity, ease-of-use, and control for those clinicians who need a medium field of view and a range of image sizes.


E | PhotoCAD Retractors

PhotoCAD retractors from Smile Line USA allow for the best results with photography of the four quadrants and during digital impressions with CAD/CAM systems. PhotoCAD is foldable and has a soft surface for the patients’ best comfort. They are sold as a set with two upper retractors and one lower retractor or separately.



F | T2 Membranes

Osteogenics Biomedical has introduced the new T2 configuration to its line of titanium-reinforced PTFE membranes. The T2 membranes were designed with “wings,” or lateral extensions, that allow for convenient buccal fixation points outside the defect area, eliminating the need to aggressively trim a larger membrane. They are available in the original Ti-250 thickness as well as the newer Ti-150 thickness.


G | A-dec | W&H Handpieces

The A-dec | W&H product line now includes three distinct handpiece collections: Synea 500, Synea 400, and Alegra 300. All three handpiece collections offer daylight quality LED+ lighting. A-dec | W&H has also improved the warranty on the top-of-the-line Synea 500 and Synea 400 series handpieces, providing a full 2 years of coverage.


H | Butler® Prophyciency™ Prophy Angle

The Butler® Prophyciency™ Prophy Angle with ButlerBloom™ contouring cup features built-in polishing and stain removal agents with no prophy paste required. The unique flower-shaped design easily contours to all tooth surfaces, resulting in superior stain removal compared to using the leading brand of prophy cup with the leading brand of coarse prophy paste.


I | Enamelon

Premier Dental Products Company introduces Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel, a safe and effective alternative for patient homecare compared to both 5000-ppm toothpastes and remineralizing pastes. Enamelon Treatment Gel contains 970 ppm fluoride and is safe for daily use by patients of all ages to help prevent caries, gingivitis and to treat sensitivity.


J | Juell 3D

Juell 3D from Park Research Dental is a stereolithography 3D printer that features a build speed of 17 seconds per layer and a resolution of more than 32 million dots per cubic inch provided by UV/DLP technology. It provides unbelievable detail and accuracy.


K | OnTrack®

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announced the relaunch of OnTrack®, a business intelligence system designed for dental practices. This cloud-based web tool provides the opportunity to track and define important behavioral and financial factors, automatically build key indicators to measure performance and goals, and provide solutions to achieve individually set objectives. OnTrack’s real time analytics operate like a personal consultant for practices.



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