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Lite Art™ by Shofu

Lite Art™


Lite Art™ light-curing coloring pastes are designed to recreate the internal effects and characteristics of natural teeth. The highly fluorescent, low-viscosity pastes utilize a newly developed multi-functional monomer and photo initiator to deliver excellent surface-curing qualities. The Lite Art set includes 15 colors, which can be mixed to produce a wide array of shades.

The set includes 15 1mL syringes, 6mL bottle of Clear Liquid, Uni Brush No. 5 (includes one handle and 10 brushes), color card and a 15-piece nozzle tip and nozzle cap set. Lite Art color paste shades are matched perfectly with Shofu’s Vintage Art porcelain stains and are designed for use with Shofu’s Ceramage or other resin composites.

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