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Dentin Desensitizer by Pulpdent® Corporation

Dentin Desensitizer

Pulpdent® Corporation

Pulpdent Dentin Desensitizer contains 5% glutaraldehyde in water. It can be applied to all dentin surfaces, including cavity, crown and inlay preparations and cervical areas, as a desensitizing agent.

Pulpdent Dentin Desensitizer is not a dentin primer; however, it can be used in conjunction with adhesives and composites, as well as with provisional and permanent traditional dental cements.

It does not interfere with bonding techniques and does not affect bond strengths of adhesives, composites and resin cements. Fluoride is added to the Desensitizer to enhance the stability of the solution. Pulpdent makes no claim as to the therapeutic benefits of the fluoride or the antimicrobial effect of glutaraldehyde.

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