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PRĒMA® by Premier® Dental


Premier® Dental

The Premier® PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion System is available in a new syringe-delivery system that permits effective and economical application of PRĒMA for the conservative removal of many white, brown, and multicolored enamel discolorations.  When used with a low-speed handpiece fitted with a 10:1 gear-reduction angle, this mild solution of hydrochloric acid with silicon carbide microparticles in a water-soluble slurry removes many discolorations that are found in the superficial (<0.2 mm depth) enamel. This new PRĒMA System replaces the 10-cup kit.Dentists will prefer the consistency of PRĒMA syringes over the old cups. One kit contains 4 x 1.2mL syringes,which is enough material for approximately 20 treatments.

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