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IntegraBond™ by Premier® Dental


Premier® Dental

Premier® IntegraBond™ is a clinically proven universal fifth generation bonding agent that works with all composite materials and resin cements; light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured. In every application, IntegraBond offers proven, reliable bond strength due to its nano-filler technology and unique formulation. IntegraBond fully integrates with the collagen network and seals dentin tubules, alleviating conditions that may cause sensitivity.

IntegraBond is easy to use, first acid-etch the prepped tooth, rinse, dry and then apply IntegraBond, there is no need to use a primer. IntegraBond is light-cured but can be used with an auto-cure activator when light-curing is not an option. IntegraBond is available in 4 and 7ml refill bottles and an Adhesive Kit.

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