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Perio Tray® by Perio Protect, L.L.C.

Perio Tray®

Perio Protect, L.L.C.

Perio Protect’s intuitive, efficient Perio Tray® is a prescription tool that allows clinicians to administer prescribed medications directly to the periodontal pocket. Frequency and duration of usage of this device is based on individual patient needs. In addition to models, the dental laboratory uses bleeding indices and probing charts for tray fabrication. Models and probing charts are sent with a prescription to a specialized dental laboratory for custom fabrication of seals and extensions that correspond to the pocket depths for the greatest efficacy and comfort.

Perio Tray is used as an adjunct in customized therapies and for those declining surgical treatments. Many practices are also offering these trays to patients with poor oral hygiene or patients with a compromised medical history. These soft, flexible trays are comfortable and custom-fitted to the individual patient. Patients appreciate the convenience of using Perio Trays in their own homes.

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