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Inside Dentistry
September 2014
Volume 10, Issue 9

Your Armamentarium

Excellent patient care relies heavily on the materials and technology used in the treatment. Here is a selection of product offerings to consider adding to your armamentarium. For more information about any of the products featured in this issue—as well as many other product categories.

A | Opalescence® PF Take-Home

Ultradent’s Opalescence® take-home whitening gel allows your patients to get professional whitening results on their schedule. In as little as 30 minutes per day or overnight, with four concentrations and three flavors, Opalescence is convenient, safe, effective, and customized. In addition, this product decreases sensitivity as it strengthens enamel.


B | Cheng Crowns Zirconia

With natural looking translucency and the highest flexural strength rating of any pediatric crown, Cheng Crowns Zirconia are the most esthetic and functional pediatric crowns available. Their slim facials, thin walls, and low mesiodistal arches are designed to minimize tooth preparation and ensure a perfect fit and also give them exceptional beauty.


C | SonicFill

SonicFill from Kerr Corporation is a sonic-activated, bulk-fill dental composite system for posterior restorations that require no additional capping layer. Proprietary sonic activation enables a rapid flow of composite for effortless placement and superior adaptation. One can go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes on cavities up to 5 mm in depth.


D | OneGloss PS

Shofu’s OneGloss PS (plastic shank) is a one-step system designed for finishing and polishing composite restorations. Crumble-resistant and durable, yet gentle on enamel, it also offers a convenient way to remove excess luting/orthodontic cement, polish enamel, and remove difficult stains prior to bleaching. 


E | Cinch

Cinch Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material from Parkell is versatile, economical, exceptionally accurate, hydrophilic, and strong. It can be used as a final impression material or alginate substitute. It is available in a variety of viscosities, final hardnesses and setting times, plus its formula prevents the release of hydrogen gas.


F | BruxZir® Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge

The BruxZir® Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge from Oral Arts is a fixed, all-ceramic implant solution offering a stable and esthetic prosthesis for edentulous patients. Constructed from 100% BruxZir solid zirconia with pink tissue gingival anatomy, this bridge offers strength and longevity, predictable lab fees, easy retrievability for hygienic appointments, and a 7-year replacement warranty.


G | Picasso® Lite

Designed for the first-time laser dentist and hygienist, AMD Lasers’ Picasso® Lite has earned recognition as the world’s most popular laser. It’s the perfect replacement for a scalpel and electro-surge for treating soft-tissue. Picasso Lite is an easy-to-use laser at an affordable and performs a wide range of soft-tissue surgical and periodontal procedures.


H | Perio Trays®

Prescription Perio Trays® by Perio Protect are innovative tools for periodontal care. They have internal peripheral seals to deliver medication into shallow and deep pockets (>6 mm), ideal for patients with generalized pocketing or struggling between maintenance visits. The trays are comfortable, convenient, and easy-to-use.


I | KaVo Straight Surgical Handpiece Attachments

Reach even anatomically difficult regions with ideally guided burs. All KaVo dental Straight Surgical Handpiece Attachments are easily dismantled and have a reinforced bur chuck system, plus a spray clip for external cooling. They are softly knurled for pleasant gripping and improved hygiene. They are fully sterilizable up to 135°C.


J | Quad-Tray® Xtreme

Clinician’s Choice Quad-Tray® Xtreme impression tray is made of rigid aluminum construction so it’s inflexible. Its wide arch design prevents burn-through of the teeth. It adjusts to be customizable and has low sidewalls and a thin tapered distal bar to prevent distortion.


K | Ultra-Bond® Clear

Ultra-Bond® Clear from DenMat is a light-cure resin cement formulated for bonding Lumineers, as well as other ceramic or composite veneers. It has a no mix, light-cure application with high bond strength and excellent color stability, plus is easily distinguished from tooth structures in radiographs.


L | Megaview Loupe

Vision USA’s Megaview Loupe allows peripheral vision. Lenses are hard-coated acrylic that flip-up when no magnification is needed. They are extremely light and comfortable. Interchangeable lenses are available in a variety of magnifications from 1.7x to 3.0x.


M | 430 Flex

DentalEZ Group is pleased to reintroduce the 430 SWL Flex to its StarDental® 430 handpiece line. Designed with a new look and equipped with numerous performance-enhancing features, the 430 SWL Flex makes the conversion to the classic StarDental line of high-speed handpieces fast, seamless, and less costly.


N | Remin Pro

Remin Pro from VOCO has the power of triple protection including fluoride, hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate) and xylitol, making it to the ideal paste for continued dental health maintenance. Remin Pro can be easily applied with a toothbrush after oral hygiene or with a finger or individual splint. It comes in three natural flavors: melon, mint, and strawberry.


O | SOL®

DenMat’s SOL® desktop laser redefines performance expectations with enhanced ergonomics, an easy-to-use interface, and a high-contrast blue aiming beam combine to make laser dentistry simpler and more efficient than ever. SOL’s internal battery and lightweight also allows the clinician to move between operatories for more than 3 hours without ever plugging in a cord.


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