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Retrieve™ by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

Retrieve™ Resin-based Implant Cement: Remarkably durable and simple to use! An exciting, new addition to Parkell’s successful line of dental cements and bonding materials, Retrieve is a specially formulated, resin-based, non-eugenol implant cement. It provides remarkable retention for long-term cementation of a restoration to an implant abutment, yet allows removal of the restoration if necessary. Retrieve is dispensed from a 5ml automix cartridge directly into the prosthesis. There’s no bonding, priming or etching required. When adequately filled, hold the prosthesis in place over the implant abutment. Within two minutes, Retrieve reaches its gel stage and excess cement can be quickly and easily cleaned up around the margins. After five minutes, the cement completes its self-cure. Despite its rigid grasp to prostheses, fully-cured Retrieve exhibits slight elasticity. This helps reduce the risk of cracks and leakage between the cement and prosthesis. It also helps extend the life of the prosthesis.

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