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Burnett Power-Tip™ Insert by Parkell, Inc.

Burnett Power-Tip™ Insert

Parkell, Inc.

The Burnett Power-Tip is so robust that you can crank your scaler power up to maximum and get deep down into the pocket to remove stubborn, rock-hard calculus. The working portion of the tip has more momentum when it hits calculus transferring 70% more power than your average ultrasonic scaler inserts. The Burnett Power-Tip is terrific not only for removing difficult calculus, but also to smooth overhangs that trap plaque and remove proximal accretions and stubborn cements easily. 

The long slim design of the tip reaches into narrow spaces and deep pockets, while the thin neck improves access to every region of the mouth. Plus, when you lower the power of your scaler, the Burnett is also great for general cleanings with its broad strokes that provide effective cleaning. The special gold-tone color helps you differentiate your Burnett from other tips, but like other Parkell tips, it is made of surgical stainless steel so it won’t crack or leak. There’s also a silicone muffle to reduce noise. Available in both 25KHz and 30KHz, inserts are compatible with all brands of magnetostrictive scalers.

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