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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4


The ultrasonic scaler representing the evolution of dental hygiene

Figure 1 | The TurboVue illuminated magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler represents the next level in hygiene and oral care. The TurboVue features a light source engineered within the scaler’s handpiece. When used in conjunction with the specially designed light-transmitting 30KHz ultrasonic inserts, the clinician experiences the high-intensity light directed to the tip of the insert, where it is needed the most. The unit has a button for turning the light off if desired. In addition, the light stays on for approximately 4 seconds after easing up on the foot pedal. This allows visual inspection of the area without water spray. The LED lights provide slight warmth to the water-flow coming from the insert, making scaling more comfortable for hypersensitive patients.

The TurboVue also features auto-tuning technology, a dramatically expanded low-power Perio range that improves comfort during debridement as well as a Turbo feature for when the operator needs to temporarily increase power to blast a stubborn accretion. To engage the Turbo mode, the operator simply increases pressure on the foot pedal and the unit will immediately boost power to the next level. Once the operator releases pressure on the foot pedal, the scaler will revert back to the previous power setting.

Another pertinent feature of the TurboVue is that it comes with a choice of three light-transmitting 30HKz Ultrasonic Inserts. Each insert features a durable, autoclavable glass sleeve to transmit the light from the handpiece to the operating field. The legendary Burnett Power-Tip V, the Straight Perio Tip V, and the Universal Tip V are three popular inserts for transmitting light from the unit.

The TurboVue like all other Parkell scalers, comes with a 5-year warranty on the unit and a 90-day risk-free trial period when purchased directly from Parkell. The TurboVue is a one-of-a-kind device, built in the United States, with the same precision, durability, and stringent testing as all other Parkell devices have been for more than 6 decades.


1. Enhanced Visibility
LED lights are durable and long lasting, positioned for excellent
visibility in all areas of the oral cavity

2. Adjustable Power Modes
Features low “Perio” power modes for comfortable scaling and a “Turbo” mode for a quick increase in power when needed

3. Smart Investment
Unit has a 5-year warranty and extremely reasonable price

4. Improved Ergonomics
Switching power modes with the foot pedal allows the operator to remain in position

Parkell, Inc.

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