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DentoGen® by Orthogen



DentoGen® is a pure medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate from Orthogen. It can be used as a bone graft, as a graft enhancer in combination with other bone grafts, and also as a barrier to prevent the ingrowth of soft tissues in the bone defect.

Each box of DentoGen contains two (2) patient-specific kits. Each kit contains 1 gram of medical-grade calcium sulfate provided in powder form along with two (2) types of setting solutions. The calcium sulfate is packaged in cups.

Each cup contains one (1) gram of powder that is double sealed in a sterile Tyvek pouch. When the setting solution is added to the calcium sulfate powder, it forms a putty-like material within a few minutes. At this stage, it can be easily molded into the defect making this material easy to use.

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