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CariFree Treatment Kit by Oral BioTech LLC

CariFree Treatment Kit

Oral BioTech LLC

CariFree is an easy-to-dispense treatment kit by Oral BioTech that includes products to treat caries infections while supporting growth of healthy bacteria. Designed for high-risk patients, the CariFree kit includes all products to initiate a 3-month treatment course that will kill the caries and then allow the biofilm to repopulate while supporting the regrowth of healthy, non-acid producing strains of bacteria. This kit contains CariFree Treatment Rinse, which is designed to treat the cavity-causing plaque biofilm, reduce the overpopulation of cavity-causing bacteria, and neutralize decay-causing acids with patent-pending pH+ technology. Patients use the Treatment Rinse for one month, and then follow with CariFree Maintenance Rinse for two months. Maintenance Rinse is a xylitol fluoride rinse designed to help your patients maintain long-term oral health. This kit also contains CariFree Oral Neutralizer Gel, a non-abrasive, high pH toothpaste replacement to be used daily.

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