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Onset® Mixing Pen by Onpharma®

Onset® Mixing Pen


A high-precision compounding and dispensing device used to mix two solutions together, and can be used with Onpharma products to simply and precisely mix Sodium Bicarbonate solution into 1.8 mL cartridges of lidocaine with epinephrine. By adding sodium bicarbonate, the pH of the anesthetic is buffered from a pH similar to lemon juice toward physiologic pH, which hastens anesthetic onset time and reduces injection pain.

In addition to the Mixing Pen’s new nickel-plated aluminum body, Onpharma has made several design improvements to the Mixing Pen. These include elongated windows to allow clinicians to better gauge the volume of sodium bicarbonate available for use after buffering several anesthetic cartridges, and re-configured stability wings to enhance ergonomics and handling.

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