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Onpharma Local Anesthetic Buffering by Onpharma®

Onpharma Local Anesthetic Buffering


Onpharma® offers a suite of products that when used in unison neutralizes the pH of local anesthetic injections, producing a more comfortable patient experience. The Onpharma products, which are available separately, include a Sodium Bicarbonate Inj., 8.4% USP Neutralizing Additive Solution, an Onset® Mixing Pen and an Onset ® Cartridge Connector.

The Onset® Mixing Pen and the Onset® Cartridge Connectors may be used in conjunction with Onpharma® Sodium Bicarbonate Inj., 8.4% UPS Neutralizing Additive Solution to quickly, easily and conveniently adjust the pH of individual dental anesthetic cartridges containing lidocaine with epinephrine immediately prior to injection. The process can be completed chair side and normally takes around 5 seconds.

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