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NobelActive™ 3.0 by Nobel Biocare USA, LLC

NobelActive™ 3.0

Nobel Biocare USA, LLC

Nobel Biocare has expanded the successful NobelActive™ implant concept with a 3.0 mm implant for safe implant placement in areas with limited space. The small diameter of the NobelActive 3.0 implant is specially designed for the placement of single-unit maxillary lateral incisors, as well as mandibular and central incisors. The implant maintains exceptional strength in a small diameter because it is composed of Nobel Biocare’s strongest type of proprietary commercially pure cold-worked Grade 4 Titanium, which offers superior fatigue (160 Ncm) and torque strength (>100 Ncm).

Due to its compact size and high strength, NobelActive 3.0 offers clinicians an excellent solution for restorations in the esthetic zone. The innovative and advanced next-generation NobelActive implant system offers dental clinicians superior benefits, including exceptional primary stability and maximum soft-tissue support for natural-looking esthetics. The NobelActive implant features a unique body design and an advanced third-generation prosthetic connection.

The implant allows clinicians to adjust the implant position for optimal restorative orientation and the internal connection provides a tight seal and secure positioning of abutments. This tight conical connection helps prevent inflammatory bacteria from entering the space between the abutment and implant. NobelActive is suitable for all indications and is particularly suited for use in the esthetic zone.


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