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Go Pirate 2 and Coach by Kolibree

Go Pirate 2 and Coach


The ongoing challenge of getting your kids to brush their teeth just got easier with the introduction of Kolibree’s new smart toothbrush and advanced Kolibree app.

Now with Go Pirate 2, the industry’s most engaging smart toothbrush game for children, and Coach, prompting adults with a mindful approach to preventive dental care, Kolibree’s Bluetooth connected sonic toothbrush with 3D motion sensors might be considered the best bathroom invention since toothpaste!

Kids who previously avoided toothbrushing now look forward to it, and their parents can monitor daily brushing without a hassle.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Go Pirate 2, the kids’ game – Proper brushing is rewarded through scores, badges and advancing age-based levels; the leaderboard enables friendly family competition.
  • Kolibree Index – combines frequency, regularity and quality of brushing to keep tabs on dental hygiene habits.
  • Check Up (a quick visual view of areas you missed) and Reminders (to set your own times so you’ll remember to brush twice a day) are part of the easy, new navigation bar.
  • Offline mode – Use the Kolibree toothbrush and sync your brushing data even when you’re not using the app. (e.g. brush twice a day and sync twice a week)
  • Lower price

iOS and Android
The Go Pirate 2 game and personalized Coach features are available for iPhone users and are compatible with iOS 9 and Apple Watch. Stabilized Bluetooth connectivity for iPhone is among the new improvements. Current Kolibree users automatically receive app updates.

Kolibree is the only smart toothbrush with a game for Android. Android app updates are planned to launch later this year. New iOS and Android games are now in development and planned to launch January 2016.

“Kolibree is focused on smart solutions for daily life. As a parent who knows that most children would rather play a game than brush their teeth, combining the two was a logical solution. The intelligence built into the Kolibree toothbrush provides real-time feedback for parents and enables a personalized approach to dental care with the ability to send data directly to a family dentist,” said Kolibree CEO and co-founder Thomas Serval.

The National Institutes for Health cite tooth decay as the most prevalent chronic disease in children and adults, even though it is largely preventable. Kolibree has created a playful tooth brushing experience to improve and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

About Kolibree
Kolibree, the smart oral care company, is dedicated to innovation of connected solutions. Kolibree’s flagship product, the world’s first connected electric toothbrush with 3D motion sensors, uses proprietary technology for an interactive tooth brushing experience that motivates children and adults, and provides real-time feedback to improve oral care and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Kolibree has offices in New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

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