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Inside Dentistry
December 2015
Volume 11, Issue 12

On the Market

A | FluoroDose® Caramel Flavor

Centrix Dental’s FluoroDose is a 5% sodium fluoride cavity varnish that goes on smooth, not sticky, with no “wooly” feeling. Now, Centrix FluoroDose is available in five great-tasting flavors: new Caramel, Bubble Gum, Melon, Cherry, and Mint.  

With their exclusive LolliPack® packaging, FluoroDose is the easiest fluoride varnish to apply, and provides maximum fluoride uptake. Because FluoroDose dries when in contact with saliva, there is no need to maintain a dry field or provide moisture control. Its sealed, individual packages and disposable applicators eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

Each unit contains one dose (0.3 mL) of FluoroDose plus one Benda® Brush applicator, so users can simply peel the cover, dip in the brush, mix, and apply. This single step brush-on procedure is easier and safer to use than gels and rinses, and guarantees a consistent level of fluoride in every application.

Patients love FluoroDose, and hygienists love that it provides maximum caries protection. Plus, FluoroDose has the best price, and is the best-value fluoride varnish you can buy.

B | Go Pirate 2 and Coach

Go Pirate 2 is a smart toothbrush game for children that encourages healthy brushing habits and family fun. By tracking frequency, regularity, and quality of brushing, proper technique is rewarded through scores, badges, and advancing age-based levels. The Coach monitoring system also allows parents to check on children’s daily brushing without hassle. Go Pirate 2 and Coach are available for Android and iPhone users and are compatible with iOS 9 and Apple Watch.

C | FlexiSAW™

FlexiSAW is a short and thin finishing and polishing product that gives dentists greater control and ease of manipulation when sawing through contact areas. FlexiSAW moves easily between contacts without violating the integrity of the gingival attachment, and offers complete access to anterior and posterior contacts. FlexiSAW is autoclavable and sold in packs of 20.

D | VacStar® NEO

VacStar NEO follows a legacy of consistent and reliable vacuum performance while maintaining a space-saving, compact design. VacStar NEO features a variable frequency drive pump that delivers high performance and quiet operation, while using the latest in water and energy saving technology. With VacStar NEO, users can enjoy high suction and low utility bills.

E | Planmeca Sovereign® Chair System

Planmeca Sovereign® is a combination of sophisticated engineering and the latest technology, wrapped up in award-winning design. The unique upright chair position is ideal for treatments such as prosthodontics, orthodontics, and extractions. The length of the motorized backrest can be adjusted to optimally position patients of all sizes and allows for comfortable patient entry and exit. Available only with the Planmeca Sovereign chair, this innovative feature guarantees the best possible comfort for the patient and optimal working ergonomics for the entire dental team. This chair opens a new world of possibilities to organize your clinic based on different clinical treatment needs. Because Planmeca is the first to offer an innovative linkage between their digital dental units and software, the dental units can be easily networked via Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management for automatic registration of user activities. This makes a multitude of quality-assurance and remote maintenance-related services available for new and existing Planmeca dental unit users. With the Planmeca Sovereign Chair System, daily work at the dental practice is made straightforward, pleasant, and efficient—without compromises.

F | Dentalshare

Dentalshare is designed for clinicians, labs, and production centers to exchange arbitrary dental data between exocad-based systems, including material settings from different vendors. The secure, encrypted, and super-fast exchange is included into most DentalDBs, without any fees whatsoever.

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