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Hatho ThermoPol Set by Keystone Industries

Hatho ThermoPol Set

Keystone Industries

Keystone Industries offers Hatho ThermoPol Set to give your thermoplastic dental appliances a better-than-ever shine in three easy steps.

With this set, that includes everything needed to complete the process, the polished appliance will be left with results never seen in this quick of a process. There are three easy steps that will be taken throughout the process: pre-polishing, shine polishing, and high shine polishing, each lasting no more than four minutes.

Keystone’s Hatho ThermoPol Set includes the following:

  • Multi Layer Brush
  • Polistar Lintygrey Compound (90g)
  • COSIMA Soft Buff
  • MIRA Polishing Buff
  • Polistar Cream (90g)
  • Polistar Pro Pink (150g)
  • AlphaCard Pocket Card

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