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Inside Dentistry
August 2014
Volume 10, Issue 8

New to the Market

To help you make the purchasing decisions for your practice, here is a selection of new product offerings from well-known and trusted manufacturers. For more information about any of the products featured this month, circle the corresponding Reader Service number on the card provided in this issue.


A | Translux® Wave

Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, announced the launch of its Translux® Wave, an LED curing light for the polymerization of light curing dental materials that are activated in the 440-480 nm wavelength. The innovative curing light is cordless, weighs only 5 ounces, and allows effortless handling with its new modern and ergonomic design.


B | UltraBond Clear

UltraBond Clear light-cure resin cement from DenMat is formulated for bonding Lumineers® as well as other ceramic or composite veneers. Featuring a viscosity developed for optimal handling when placing veneers and highly translucent clear and natural shades, UltraBond Clear is sure to provide the final esthetics dentists and their patients will love.


C | Denticolors

Denticolors disposable prophy angles from Denticator deliver the superior torque, strength, and reliability clients expect from Denticator products smooth with a bold, stylish, and colorful new design. They deliver maximum comfort for the patient and hygienist, while the soft, latex-free 4-webbed cup helps make cleanings quick, easy, and efficient.


D | anaxpink

Anaxdent North America recently launched anaxpink, a chairside version of the company’s gingiva-shade composite line, anaxgum. The anaxpink line includes all five gingiva shades of anaxgum paste composite, packaged in convenient 0.3-g carpules for simplified chairside application. The anaxpink chairside starter kit includes five carpules each of three different gingiva shade paste composites, one syringe of light pink shade flowable composite, and one syringe of red modifier paint.


E | N.ERA NJOY Porcelain Brushes

Smile Line’s N.era NJOY brushes are colorful and ultra-light with a hollow-injected, thermoplastic-molded ABS handle and a thin thickness of silicone for an extremely soft and unrivaled grip. They are made of a polyamide filament type fiber that has properties that are equal to or better than the best quality Kolinsky hair. Each brush is available in a size 8, 6, 4, and 1.


F | M3 Ultrafast® Dental Sterilizer

Midmark Corporation recently announced that for each Midmark M3 Ultrafast® Dental Sterilizer purchased from an authorized dental distributor during the promotional period, the dentist or facility is eligible to receive a $500 rebate. The M3 is designed to sterilize unwrapped instruments and handpieces in just 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10 minutes. Features also include a 25-minute drying time, one-step loading, automatic water monitoring, and front reservoir drain.


G | OnePro diet Multivitamin for Denture Wearers

Justi, a division of American Tooth Industries, is pleased to announce OnePro diet Multivitamin for Denture Wearers is now available in the United States. OnePro’s formula is based on research by the Human Nutrition Research Center of the US Department of Agriculture, [ACM98]. OnePro helps maintain the health of teeth and gums as well as eyesight.


H |

BIOMET 3i is pleased to announce the launch of its new redesigned website that now includes a way for users to customize their homepage. The new website includes a scrolling news ticker, a customer feedback form, and a login button that allows users to select their specialty and receive tailored homepage information. In addition, the site has a more colorful look and simplified navigation.


I | Perfect Touch® Cherry Flavored Nitrile Exam Gloves

Perfect Touch® Cherry Flavored Nitrile Exam Gloves from Plak Smacker are medical-grade, powder-free, ambidextrous, and come in the color white. The fully textured design provides superior tactility and grip, making it easier to handle dental equipment and maneuver in the mouth. Sizes range from extra small to large and come in 100- or 200-count boxes.


J | Hatho ThermoPol Set

Thermoplastics never had their own polishing kit before, until now. Keystone Industries is proud to introduce their Hatho ThermoPol Set, which is destined to give denture appliances a brand-new, bright shine. The set includes everything needed to complete the process: pre-polishing, shine polishing, and high shine polishing—each lasting no more than 4 minutes.


K | Sterngold Implant System

Sterngold Implant System offers clinicians flexible implant options for stabilizing overdentures and partial dentures. This user-friendly implant system features four implant diameters, offering solutions for every removable indication. The 2.2- and 3.25-mm diameter implants are available in a one-piece design. The system also includes 3.3- and 4.1-mm diameter, two-stage implants.


L | JUVORA Dental Disc

The JUVORA Dental Disc is made entirely from a high performance PEEK polymer and its FDA-cleared indications include full and partial removable dentures and implant overdentures. The 98-mm diameter disc is available in a range of thicknesses with a stepped or unstepped edge. Used in CAD/CAM workflows, the high-purity, off-white polymer is lightweight, biocompatible, and highly wear and abrasion resistant.


M | Bayflex Partials

Ideal for patients with monomer sensitivity and as a healing appliance for implant cases, Bayflex™ partials are now recommended by 93% of Dr. Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report (CR) evaluators (full independent report available upon request).

Available in five gingival shades, Bayflex partials feature lightweight thermoplastic materials that are comfortable and practically invisible, and they will not warp or become brittle. CR evaluators are impressed by Bayflex’s fit, durability, and translucency, and stated they would incorporate the partial into their practice, rating it excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues.

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