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NX3 Nexus® Third Generation by Kerr Corporation

NX3 Nexus® Third Generation

Kerr Corporation

Universally indicated for all indirect applications, NX3 Nexus® Third Generation is a permanent resin cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched esthetics, adhesion and great versatility. Delivery system choices include an automix syringe for dual-cure indications and a light-cure cement for multiple units where unlimited work time is needed. The automixing dual-cure cement can be used for all indirect applications, including veneers. With Kerr's proprietary amine-free initiator system and optimized resin matrix, NX3 is the first truly color-stable adhesive resin cement. • Simplified delivery. Dual-cure automix syringe eliminates hand mixing. • Light-cure applications. Cement for veneers and indications requiring unlimited work time. • Bonds to all substrates. Excellent adhesion to dentin, enamel, CAD/CAM blocks, ceramic, porcelain, resin and metal. • Self-etch or total-etch. Bonding protocol compatibility. No dual-cure activator required. • Superior color stability. Long-term esthetics for both dual-cure and light-cure cements. • Optimal handling. Easy cleanup in gel state.

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