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SR Phonares® II by Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

SR Phonares® II

Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

SR Phonares® II, the next generation of ultra-premium composite denture teeth from Ivoclar Vivadent, offers new standards in removable prosthetics with optimized shape, shade, and strength. The latest scientific knowledge has been implemented in the development and production of Phonares II to create a truly innovative tooth line.

The existing range of 22 anterior tooth moulds has been extended to include two new mandibular anterior moulds, L54 and L55. These new moulds provide greater setup options and deliver a more patient specific prosthesis. The shades of the Phonares teeth have been precision matched to the A‒D shade guide and include all 16 A‒D and 4 innovative bleach shades, thus extending the range of applications and ensuring a maximum level of accuracy for the color communication between the dental team.

Additionally, the Nano Hybrid Composite material has been optimized to provide enhanced durability and esthetics. This newly pioneered composite technology incorporates inorganic micro fillers and silica based Nano fillers that deliver a new level of durability. The hybrid makeup of these fillers promotes natural light transmission, ensuring optimal translucency, opalescence and fluorescence for outstanding esthetics. Phonares II material has been further optimized to deliver a new level of durability, ensuring patient satisfaction.

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