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IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks by Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks

Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

With multiple translucencies and a balanced blend of chroma from gingival to incisal, IPS Empress CAD Multi offers dental professionals a fusion of color that provides the natural gradients to replicate dentin and enamel in a single block. With the proven high strength (160 MPa) of IPS Empress CAD leucite reinforced glass ceramic, the IPS Empress CAD Multi can be either polished or glazed to obtain maximum functional and esthetic results.

Depending upon restoration height, IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks can be adjusted within the Sirona Software Block Preview Mode to provide even more esthetic choices. Positioning the restoration within the IPS Empress CAD Multi Block gives you the flexibility to match the morphology and chromatic blend of young, adult and mature patients.

IPS Empress CAD Multi also offers a unique blend of chromas and translucencies that allow it to match the natural transitions of dentin and enamel, without obvious defining layers or lines between shades. IPS Empress CAD Multi complements the entire product line by adding both new shades and esthetic options. Now, IPS Empress CAD offers the most complete line of blocks. Over 100 combinations of sizes and shades are now available with IPS Empress CAD. 

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