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Honigum® by DMG America


DMG America

The Honigum® impression system by DMG America helps create impressions that are highly accurate and detailed. Honigum is a hydrophilic poly vinylsiloxane impression material with a patented microcrystalline wax matrix that lowers its viscosity under bite pressure to flow into the most difficult to reach subgingival areas. This allows Honigum to capture details other impression materials cannot. It also has a “snap set” that prevents distortion, yet is easily removable. Honigum’s pleasant honey aroma and neutral taste make the material extremely patient-friendly. As a tray material, Honigum is perfect for crown and bridge, inlay/onlay, implant and full mouth restorations. It comes in three patented non-slumping formulations that are available in either 380-ml cartridges for the MixStar eMotion machine (that will also fit the Pentamix® machine), or 50-ml Automix cartridges for use with Type 50 1:1 dispensing guns. Honigum tray materials are used in conjunction with Honigum wash materials. Honigum wash materials provide increased impression detail when used in conjunction with Honigum tray materials. All offer Honigum’s unique patented formulation and are available in convenient 25-ml Automix cartridges for the Type 25 dispensing guns. The Honigum impression system offers superior materials and dispensing options that make it easy to save time and get great results, eliminating costly mistakes and re-makes.

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