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Atlas Denture Comfort® by Dentatus USA Ltd

Atlas Denture Comfort®

Dentatus USA Ltd

Atlas® Denture Comfort™ by Dentatus USA eliminates many of the inherent problems associated with o-rings, housings, and acrylic in implant-retained denture systems. The Tuf-Link® resilient silicone liner is firmly retained in the periphery of the denture all without the use of adhesive.

The one-piece Tuf-Link reline is only 1 mm to 1.5 mm in thickness, so between the low (3-mm) profile of the implant head above the tissue and the thinness of the silicone, parallelism discrepancies are non-existent; the really good news is that the silicone is quickly and easily trimmed with scissors.

Finishing the reline material and denture adjustments is quick and easy, and there is rarely a need to schedule the patient for a follow-up visit.

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