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Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

Atlas® Tuf-Link® Patented Technologies

Overcome problematic housing and O-ring denture retention

Figure 1 | Dentatus’ narrow diameter implants stand in a class of their own. Designed to retain and stabilize dentures for the long-term, Atlas was developed to address problematic housing and O-ring denture retention. With the aid of Tuf-Link silicone reline material, clinicians can overcome these obstacles and patients benefit from a cushioned fit for stress-free denture insertion, retention, and removal.

Tuf-Link provides a soft interface between the gingival tissue and the hard denture base, reducing sore spots and adjustments. The liner is held mechanically within the denture base by a hermetic undercut with no need for adhesive. Over time, it easily compensates for ridge changes and bone resorption. Unlike traditional soft-reline materials, Tuf-Link will not disintegrate and maintains its form and resiliency for 18 to 24 months.

A low-profile, 3-mm dome head creates balanced bilateral support with gentle passive retention without copings, O-rings, or adhesives. The tapered end has a self-threading design that facilitates easy manual insertion. The Tuf-Link resilient silicone liner firmly retained in the periphery seam-line provides secure retention and chewing comfort.

Atlas overcomes technical restrictions such as parallelism, space, stress, and other complications associated with edentulism. Deficiencies in bone volume, limited space, and high cost are substantially reduced for patients so they can enjoy the benefits of implantology with secure retention and chewing comfort. Patients can leave the clinician’s office in under an hour with a comfortable and stable denture because Atlas implants can be immediately loaded. This minimally invasive procedure dramatically reduces chair time and its simple technical steps make it affordable.

Atlas Denture Comfort is easy to learn and implement, and can enhance the lives of denture patients by changing their “Dentures to Teeth Like Their Very Own.” As noted in a study from Gothenburg University, even patients for whom conventional implants are not an option due to health constraints, financial concerns, or fear of surgery “reported a marked positive effect on their perception of oral function and comfort as well as security in social life.”1

Dentatus AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010, and continues to provide distinctive products and service to the international dental community. In 1988, Dentatus AB became the Dentatus USA, Ltd. division, providing direct service to the North and South American markets, and accelerating the development of specialized products and systems for finer dentistry.


1. Tomasi C, Idmyr BO, Wennström JL. Patient satisfaction with mini-implant stabilised full dentures. A 1-year prospective study. J Oral Rehabil. 2013;40(7):526-534.

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