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Tenure4G Dual Solvent Bonding Agent by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Tenure4G Dual Solvent Bonding Agent

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Formulated with ethanol and acetone for strength and sensitivity control, Tenure4G offers more predictable results for your restorations. Tenure4G’s easy flow viscosity ensures deep penetration for interaction with the inter-tubule dentin to form a hybrid layer and reduce sensitivity. As a self-cure adhesive, Tenure4G is compatible with all resin composites eliminating the need for multiple bonding agents. The self-cure formulation ensures a complete cure sealing deep areas other light-cured high viscosity bonding agents can’t reach.

Tenure4G is available as a full bonding system containing 1 – 6ml bottle of each A & B formulation, etchant, and a bond enhancer. Tenure4G A & B refill bottles are also available separately including 1 - 6ml bottle of either A or B. 

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