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LumiSmile™ White by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

LumiSmile™ White

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

To develop LumiSmile™White, DenMat sourced some of the world’s foremost authorities in teeth whitening to optimize its formulations. This top tier group worked closely with leaders in the industry to create some of the best formulations on the market today. LumiSmile White is available in 32%, 22% and 16% Carbamide Peroxide concentrations, and features reduced sensitivity, real peppermint oil flavoring and 18-months of shelf life without refrigeration.

DenMat’s team considered that sensitivity during and after whitening was a big patient concern in preliminary research ultimately replacing some of the glycerin in the initial test formulas with propylene glycol. This modification was designed to minimize dehydration of the teeth and improve patient comfort. To this end, DenMat also added more H20 and potassium nitrate to further improve patient comfort with LumiSmile White.

In DenMat’s pre-market evaluations, LumiSmile White finished with a higher overall rating than the leading competition. Evaluators liked the new flavoring, which uses real peppermint oil, and preferred LumiSmile White’s handling characteristics, efficacy and low sensitivity. LumiSmile White adds to the long history of innovation in whitening by DenMat that began in 1986 with LumiBrite Chairside and Take Home Whitening.

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