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Inside Dentistry
August 2019
Volume 15, Issue 8

Lumineers and So Much More

DenMat innovates across platforms while staying true to core philosophy

When Dave Casper joined DenMat as chief executive officer in 2017, a large part of the appeal was the company's diverse portfolio of dental products, which extends well beyond the venerable Lumineers® brand. Part of Casper's vision involved making sure that the rest of the dental profession was seeing what he saw.

"Every dentist in the country knows about Lumineers, but many do not have the complete picture," Casper says. "DenMat offers much more than Lumineers; the company has grown and expanded into several new areas through acquisitions. We have worked very hard during the past 2 years, not necessarily to rebrand, but to help broaden the average dentist's perspective and understanding of DenMat."

"We are really the only company with a complete range of restorative, esthetic, and oral hygiene products, supported by our high-end dental laboratory, which focuses exclusively on esthetic cases," Casper says.

The company continues to innovate across its platforms. DenMat's laboratory recently launched ART (Additive-Reductive Template), which involves guided tooth preparation for minimally invasive veneer cases, providing dentists with a tool to help patients visualize the final esthetic outcome of their cases via a "Trial Smile." DenMat has also recently launched implant services, and the company now offers a free smartphone application for its popular LumiSmile® that allows a dentist to take a photograph of a patient, automatically send it to DenMat, and then receive images showing what the patient would look like after basic tooth whitening and with a Lumineers smile.

"LumiSmile is a powerful communication tool that dentists love because it helps them increase their rate of treatment acceptance for the cases that they enjoy doing," Casper says.

LumiSmile is included in DenMat's Smile Discovery Program®, which is a subscription program designed to help dentists grow their businesses and reduce costs. Each member of the program receives a designated concierge to help with product-related matters, orders, laboratory case tracking, and more.

In addition, DenMat offers a soft-tissue management program that includes continuing education courses taught by a dentist and a hygienist to help transition a hygiene program from a prophylaxis-based approach to a periodontal-based approach.

"We are helping offices with treatment se-quencing, insurance coding, and timing," Casper says. "We can even send a hygienist to the office to assist with the implementation of this approach. It makes us a good partner."

Another new product is PerioRestore. This treatment utilizes a custom-fabricated patient tray with a special gel to address gingivitis and mild periodontal disease as well as provide a tooth-whitening effect.

"The patient gets fresh breath, whiter teeth, and healthy gums," Casper says. "It is really quite remarkable."

Through all of its new acquisitions and innovations, DenMat has stayed true to its core philosophy that began 45 years ago with founder Robert Ibsen, DDS.

"Our mission is to provide esthetic dental products and laboratory services," Casper says. "Certainly, as the business has grown, we have expanded into other areas, but we have remained focused on the core competencies of the company."

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