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Nuance™ by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC


Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

 Nuance makes creating esthetic restorations simple by combining proprietary filler particles that mimic the optical properties of tooth structure, with incredible handling, and a uniquely simple delivery system. Innovative Material Nuance virtually eliminates the need for multi-shade layering. The material contains proprietary multi-faceted fillers which both reflect and refract light, mimicking the opacity, translucency and optical characteristics of tooth structure. Therefore, in thinner areas, such as the incisal edge, it appears translucent, while on the main tooth body it absorbs and refracts light creating a dentin-like depth. Therefore, one body shade can be used for the entire restoration rather than needing to layer dentin, body, and enamel shades. To further simplify the restoration, its chameleon-like quality ensures that it integrates optically with the surrounding tooth structure, so it produces an accurate shade match, every time. Nuance has a butter-like consistency so it sculpts smoothly and easily, yet doesn't slump. And, it is not sticky, so you won't be slowed down by having to reshape anatomy or clean instruments. Innovative Delivery The Nuance syringe is completely new and unique. It is rectangular, and requires approximately half the force of the leading composite to extrude material. In addition to these advanced ergonomic features, it offers a unique dispensing capability. The Nuance syringe comes with 4g of material, but with every half turn (identified with a click), it delivers a "unit dose" of ~0.1g of material, making communication between dentist and assistant easier and creating less waste.

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