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Colloid-Saver 3.5 Duplicator by CMP Industries LLC

Colloid-Saver 3.5 Duplicator

CMP Industries LLC

The Colloid-Saver™ 3.5 from Nobilium/CMP Industries was designed to minimize premature colloid breakdown in three ways: Smart Agitation: The stirrer pulls colloid material away from the outside of the tank, where heating occurs, so that heat is applied evenly to all the material in the tank. Precision Heating: Precision temperature gauges and a computer are used control the heaters to keep the temperatures within a very tight range. Since it employs heating zones that are computer-controlled, all of the heating zones work together in harmony. Chunk-Out Phase: After reaching a set point, it reduces heat but holds the temperature above the ready point. This reduced heat phase is gentler to the colloid, yet is hot enough to eliminate chunks that can clog the dispensing valve or distort models.

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