Inside Dental Technology
April 2011
Volume 2, Issue 4

Colloid-Saver™ 3.5 Duplicator

Chops, cooks, conditions, and returns hydrocolloid to storage temperature in about 2 hours

With a complete sheet metal shop, electronics assembly, paint booth, and testing center at their Albany, New York headquarters, Nobilium\CMP has been making duplicators in the US for more than 60 years. The design of their previous large capacity model had not changed in 30 years so the company’s goal in late 2007 was to make a new design from scratch that would preserve the life of the colloid. They first contacted customers with a survey to determine the key features to include and then built and tested several prototypes in-house and in working laboratories. The final design took more than 2 years to develop and test. The result is a hydrocolloid conditioner (duplicator) that meets customers’ needs and has been proven to extend the life of hydrocolloid material in company-conducted studies.

How It Works

Colloid conditioners have two separate cycles—one for cook-down and one that maintains the colloid in a ready-to-use state. Colloid material can break down prematurely if over-heated during the cook-down cycle when temperatures are elevated. Heat must be applied evenly by each heating zone, and the stirring action must be sufficient to move the colloid away from the outside of the tank where the heating occurs. It is also important that each heating zone applies the same amount of heat so that all of the colloid in the tank is melted homogeneously and no chunks of colloid remain. Colloid should be stored in a clean, covered container so moisture is not lost.

The Colloid-Saver 3.5 (Nobilium Part Number 40811) was designed to minimize premature colloid breakdown in three ways:

Smart Agitation: The stirrer pulls colloid material away from the outside of the tank, where heating occurs, so that heat is applied evenly to all the material in the tank.

Precision Heating: Precision temperature gauges and a computer are used control the heaters to keep the temperatures within a very tight range. Since it employs heating zones that are computer-controlled, all of the heating zones work together in harmony.

Chunk-Out Phase: After reaching a set point, it reduces heat but holds the temperature above the ready point. This reduced heat phase is gentler to the colloid, yet is hot enough to eliminate chunks that can clog the dispensing valve or distort models.

Key Features

Measuring 26 inches by 17.5 inches by 18.75 inches, the 90-pound Colloid-Saver 3.5 has an extra-large, easy-to-fill tank with a flexible capacity of 1 to 3.5 gallons.

Its Intelli-Heat™ computer-controlled heating system prevents over-heating and eliminates chunks of colloid. It also features an altitude setting for precision temperature control, and is air-cooled so that no water or drain connections are required. Its SmartCycle™ stirring cycle is activated only when needed, minimizing colloid breakdown.

This fully programmable hydrocolloid conditioner includes pre-set programs for virtually any colloid and a USB port for future software upgrades. The Colloid-Saver 3.5 includes a lighted work area with laser sight line, a corrosion-proof front panel, and a high-volume, no-drip, no-clog dispensing nozzle, with an optional trough for continuous dispensing.


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