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GingiTrac™ MiniMix® by Centrix, Inc.

GingiTrac™ MiniMix®

Centrix, Inc.

Centrix, Inc. introduces GingiTrac™ MiniMix®, a newly re-formulated 1:1 astringent, VPS formula. Easier to express than the automix gun, with less waste, smaller size, saves valuable chairtime and reduces patient stress. To begin the impression process, select appropriate GingiCap size. Syringe the retraction paste into the GingiCap and around the prep. Bite down. Wait 3 to 5 minutes. MiniMix technology virtually eliminates waste, and allows for easy set up and no cleanup. The retraction material and technique allows you to retract the gingiva on up to six preps with one application with no packing cord or cleanup. GingiTrac’s built-in astringent controls oozing, while the flow-able VPS material gently pushes the gingiva.

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