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September 2016
Volume 37, Issue 8

One-Step Self-Retracting Impressioning System Saves Time, Frustration

Like most dentists, Jon A. Heezen, DDS, has a lot of people to please—the laboratory technicians, his staff, and his patients. With the new NoCord™ VPS impression material from Centrix Dental, he says, he is able to do just that.

“I was pretty skeptical about using the product at first. I’ve used the GingiTrac™ retraction paste product before, and it worked absolutely perfectly for me, but this new product built the retraction and hemostasis right into the impression material,” notes Heezen, who has a private practice in Tracy, Minnesota. Like NoCord VPS, GingiTrac is also a Centrix Dental product. “So I was excited but a little apprehensive, because I liked the other, more traditional product so well.” Soon, however, Heezen realized the new NoCord VPS was ideal for his practice.

With his first case, Heezen immediately recognized the product’s timesaving benefits. “My assistant fills the quadrant tray or full-arch impression tray while I place the wash material around the prepared tooth. There’s no need to pack any cord into the sulcus, and you don’t have to worry about any bleeding,” he explains. “It’s a really nice product and, best of all, it works the way it’s supposed to.”

NoCord VPS is a one-step, self-retracting impressioning system that removes the frustration of using traditional cord packing. With a fast working time of 4.5 minutes, the flowable material gently displaces the sulcus, dries the crevicular fluid, and allows the wash material to take excellent impressions. Clinicians can get accurate impressions for single-unit or multiple-unit retraction, all without packing cord. The easy-to-use system removes cleanly and easily with no need for rinsing. Containing an astringent to control bleeding and oozing, NoCord VPS leaves behind no trauma or ligament damage.  

“This product performs extremely well,” Heezen reiterates. “I place the NoCord light-body wash material, and my assistant fills the impression tray with the new Mega-body tray material. I place the impression tray in the mouth, I have the patient bite, and I walk away if I need to. The amount of time I save and the very accurate impression it produces makes this product very attractive for me.”

He says he can place the material and tray within 30 seconds. Less than 5 minutes later, his dental assistant removes the impression tray. Meanwhile, Heezen is free to see other patients, write notes, or attend to other matters concerning his practice, thereby improving office efficiency and productivity.

“Every time I use it, it saves me time,” Heezen insists. He estimates that NoCord VPS saves him about 3 minutes for every impression he does compared with the method he was previously using.

“I would put the GingiTrac in and wait 3 minutes. Then I would put the impression material in and go on to my other duties. After placing the GingiTrac product, I would either wait for it to do the retraction or come back to the patient to take the final impression. Now, with the new NoCord VPS, I place the wash material and the tray material in the impression tray, take the impression, and move on to something else. Even though it has a 4-and-a-half minute set time, it takes me only 30 seconds to do my part.” Heezen says he is able to use the versatile product for a wide range of indications, including porcelain-fused-to-metal, monolithic, and zirconia restorations. He also uses it for implants.

Another benefit, he stresses, is the product’s short SuperMixer mixing nozzles, which cuts down on waste. “It makes the mixing more efficient, so you aren’t throwing away as much material every time.”

Even the laboratory has been pleased, he adds. “The restoration margins are excellent, and I have no problems with what I get back from the lab,” Heezen says, noting that he has had to make very few adjustments since using the NoCord VPS system. “My laboratory guy said he didn’t even know I had switched materials and technique. It’s a testament to how well the product is working.”

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