EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™

Brasseler USA®

EndoSequence BC RR-Fast Set Putty from Brasseler USA® is made with a fast set formula and equipped with improved Sanidose syringe delivery, BC RRM-Fast Set Putty provides users with superior handling and excellent healing properties.

Formulated with superior healing properties, BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is highly biocompatible, has an extremely antibacterial pH balance of +12, and is osteogenic. It is the ideal solution for all pulp capping and root repair procedures. 

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty provides users with superior handling. BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is premixed, resulting in less waste and no threat of cross-contamination.  Improved Sanidose syringe delivery ensures a perfect unit dose of moldable and condensable consistency with each and every putty application. BC RRM-Fast Set Putty is extremely resistant to common washout and sets completely in a mere 20 minutes. 

BC RRM-Fast Set Putty has an extremely small particle size and, unlike other root repair and pulp capping materials, completely void of heavy metals such as Bismuth Oxide that can cause discoloration.  

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