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BISCO's DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ is perfect for reliable, high strength cementation with easy clean-up. It’s high, consistent degree of conversion in both self-cured and light-cured modes, is required by today’s stronger restorations. In addition, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL has low film thickness to assist in effective seating, is very easy to clean-up, and offers diagnostic radiopacity for that perfect margin.

Unique to DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL are its 2 esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White. Universal shade can be used for most restorations while the Milky White shade can be used to mask darker tooth preparations. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is compatible with all dental materials, and when coupled with BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL light-cured adhesive, Z-PRIME PLUS and/or Porcelain Primer, it is the only product combination for all indirect restorations.

  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Easily identified on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis
  • Ideal for all CAD/CAM restorations
  • Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated
  • Available in two esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White
  • Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste
  • DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL KIT: Outstanding bond strengths to multiple substrates- Zirconia, Ceramics/Lithium Disilicate, Alumina, Metals, Endodontic Posts and Composites.

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