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July/Aug 2015
Volume 36, Issue 7

BISCO Adhesives: Solutions to Today’s Complex Restorative Needs

Available since 2011, multi-mode “universal” adhesives from BISCO have been offering dentists “improved versatility without compromising bonding effectiveness,” says Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT. The Chicago-based prosthodontist explains that these adhesives can be used in three etching modes—total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch of the enamel only—and, in addition to dentin and enamel, can bond to a variety of substrates ranging from resin-based materials to metal alloys to silica-based glass ceramics and zirconia.

Child adds that BISCO’S All-Bond Universal® adhesive offers these benefits and more using only one bottle. “Universal adhesives can be classified according to their interaction depth with dentin and their pH as either ultra-mild, mild, intermediate, or strong,” he says. “All-Bond Universal is considered ultra-mild with a pH of 3.2. This higher pH, while allowing very good bonding to dentin and enamel, also enables the adhesive to be compatible with self- and dual-cure resin materials without a separate activator.”

This is a key point, Child says, noting that the need for a secondary activator to be used in post cementation, core build-ups, or crown cementation is not always made clear to the clinician when using other universal adhesive products. “With All-Bond Universal, the clinician can use BISCO’s Duo-Link Universal™ or any other dual- or self-curing resin cement and still get great results.”

Child also mentions that All-Bond Universal’s minimal amount of water enables a 10-second solvent/water evaporation time and is responsible for its impressive durability and longevity. “It is necessary for universal and self-etch adhesives to contain water for ionization of the acidic resin monomers, but too much water can result in hydrolytic degradation of the collagen hybrid layer, microleakage, and increased permeability,” he explains, “all of which undermine the longevity of resin–dentin bonds.”

Although Child acknowledges water can be partially removed by evaporation prior to polymerization, he says to remove most or all of the water requires solvent evaporation times to be significantly increased, “even up to several minutes for those adhesives containing more water in their formula.”

Throughout its 35-year history, Child points out, BISCO has developed innovative products for contemporary dentistry and promoted the benefits of dental research designed to help clinicians and their patients. “Science-based product innovation and passion drive BISCO’s tradition of providing the highest quality dental materials all backed by a strong commitment to advanced science,” he says. “Since the introduction of All-Bond®, to the most recent introduction of Universal Primer™, all products are subjected to a battery of rigorous laboratory and clinical tests before they earn the BISCO label.”

Child also notes the company’s commitment to educating dental clinicians, researchers, students, and other industry representatives on the optimum products and techniques for patients. “If you attend a lecture or read an article about BISCO products, you’re sure to learn more than just about the product or technique, but also the chemistry and research that makes BISCO products so unique. This approach is in line with one of the company’s core values: education.”

BISCO continues to provide its previous-generation adhesives as well, Child says, including: All-Bond 2® (a 4th generation adhesive), which has a long history of success; One-Step®/One-Step® Plus (5th generation), known for ease of use and clinical success; All-Bond SE®, offering easy dispensing and reduced tooth sensitivity; and All-Bond 3®/TE™, whose chemistry, Child says, remains a favorite of many key opinion leaders.

“However,” he reiterates, “our best-selling adhesive is All-Bond Universal, the newest in the BISCO adhesive family. It is the culmination of more than 30 years of adhesive research.”

Child says BISCO provides solutions to today’s complex restorative needs and welcomes the questions and input of practitioners. “BISCO invites all to develop a close relationship with the company, whether for coaching in the use of our products and recommended techniques, or for education in learning what makes BISCO products better for optimum success. The company is dedicated to offering dental health solutions that are minimally invasive and clinically significant to preserve, restore, and enhance each and every patient smile.”

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