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BisBlock™ by BISCO, Inc.



Due to the hydrodynamic mechanism of dentin sensitivity, it is evident that movement of fluid in the dentinal tubules is the basic cause of pain. BISCO`s patented Oxalate Dentin Desensitizer is specifically formulated to prevent intra-tubular fluid movement. BisBlock forms oxalate crystals within the tubules, blocking fluid movement, thus relieving pain. Use BisBlock to desensitize exposed root surfaces.

Also use it to pretreat tooth preparations prior to placing direct restorations and prior to temporizing indirect restorations. BisBlock contains NO GLUTARALDEHYDE which provides safety for the patient`s soft tissue and pulp as well as safety for the environment and dental staff.

It is the ONLY desensitizer with a patented technique that penetrates deep into the dentinal tubules to effectively BLOCK dentinal fluid movement. Since the oxalate crystallizes deep within the dentinal tubules, this property resists dislodging caused by toothbrush abrasion while still providing excellent bond strength. BisBlock`s colored viscous solution aids in visualizing placement to ensure complete coverage.

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