UNIVERSAL PRIMER is a low film thickness, dual-cure primer/adhesive, designed for the dentist who prefers not to light cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations. It offers the flexibility to be used in either self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch mode, depending on the clinical situation and dentist’s preference.

UNIVERSAL PRIMER is compatible with light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured resin composites and cements for direct and indirect procedures. UNIVERSAL PRIMER combines ease of use with virtually no postoperative sensitivity. It is indicated for direct restorations, indirect restorations, bonding resin or primer for substrates, desensitization or sealing of tooth, and intraoral repair. It is available in 6ml bottles (part A & B), and in the convenient, all in one, ACE cartridge (2ml) system.  

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