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Inside Dentistry
October 2015
Volume 11, Issue 10


Dual-cured core material is versatile, durable, and self-leveling

Figure 1 | Building on the success of its proven stackable core material, BISCO, Inc. ( has introduced CORE-FLO™ DC, a dual-cured, fluoride-containing core material that is dispensed with an auto-mix dual-syringe.

CORE-FLO DC Lite, a self-leveling, void-free material, allows for optimal adaptation, which makes it an ideal material to use for post cementation when replacing natural dentition with a direct core build-up. This versatile product is also the right choice when a band is required, lower viscosity is desired, or initial subgingival margin is present but not visible.

The clinician can depend on its excellent compressive and flexural strength for direct restoration fabrication. Its high strength and water sorption provide a strong foundation for both crowns and direct restoratives, with high shear bond strength to dentin, enamel, and fiber posts.

An excellent dentin replacement material, CORE-FLO DC Lite has low-shrinkage properties, is easy to prepare, and cuts like dentin. It is available in an 8-gram auto-mix dual-syringe in two esthetic shades: Natural/A1 and Opaque White.

The CORE-FLO DC Lite intro kit is available with UNIVERSAL PRIMER™ (BISCO, Inc.), a low-film thickness, dual-cured adhesive/primer designed for the dentist who prefers not to light-cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.

How to Use It

The multi-step technique for CORE-FLO DC Lite using UNIVERSAL PRIMER prior to final preparation for the impression is outlined below.

1. A self-etch or total-etch post space is created and then rinsed thoroughly.

2. All excess water or pooled water is removed with a brief burst of air.

3. UNIVERSAL PRIMER is dispensed and mixed.

4. Two coats of UNIVERSAL PRIMER are scrubbed into the tooth canal and air-dried to remove any excess solvent.

5. After determining the appropriate post length, the post is coated with UNIVERSAL PRIMER and air-dried.

6. CORE-FLO DC Lite is then injected directly into the canal and the apical end of the post is coated.

7. The post is then seated gently into the canal, and CORE-FLO DC Lite is expressed around the post to further build the core up to the desired height and shape.

8. After light-curing, the clinician may proceed with final preparation for the impression. 

BISCO prides itself on bringing science to the art of dentistry through its wide range of versatile products that are revolutionizing dental offices around the world, a tradition that continues with the introduction of CORE-FLO DC Lite. More information can be found at

In Brief

  • Self-leveling, low-viscosity, dual- cured core material offers excellent handling properties.
  • Versatile enough for multiple indications including core build-up, post cementation, and as a dentin replacement material.
  • Durable and reliable due to physical properties including low shrinkage and high compressive and flexural strengths.

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