SELECT HV ETCH is a superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). Used to condition the tooth structure before bonding adhesives, composites, or sealants, SELECT HV ETCH is specially formulated for maximum working and handling, pin-point placement performance, and eliminating run-on onto the dentin surface.

SELECT HV ETCH delivers a smooth, non-stringy material, which can be used in everyday restorative procedures but also performs well when etching enamel margins without etching dentin, otherwise known as the "hybrid technique". This is desirable when etching enamel when applying a self-etch adhesive, or for the immediate dentin sealing procedure. Etching uncut enamel with SELECT HV ETCH significantly improves the quality of the etch pattern and bonding surface.

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