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Bioclear Matrix System Starter Kit by BIOCLEAR

Bioclear Matrix System Starter Kit


Bioclear Matrix Systems has introduced the first comprehensive system of ultra-thin, clear, anatomically shaped sectional matrices for composites. Unlike flat Mylar or metal matrices, the 19 different Bioclear matrices are smooth, curved and contoured. Sabre Wedges, Interproximators, and Cure-Thru Adaptor/Separators complete the starter kit in an organized, compact carrousel. Simply place the correct matrix, inject the composite, cure, and remove the matrix. The matrices come in 3 color-coded containers for posterior, anterior, and diastema closure. The diastema closure matrices, which have proven especially popular, have exaggerated yet smooth cervical curvatures for treating diastemas, peg laterals and black triangles.

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