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Lava™ Design Software by 3M ESPE

Lava™ Design Software


3M ESPE’s new version of Lava Design Software enables Lava Scan ST owners to scan abutment links without using a scan locator. Using this new module, laboratories will now have the ability to manufacture implant abutments for conventional implant systems that meet Lava’s link shape and contact surface requirements.  Allows you to digitally create a full contour design by customizing the tooth shape provided. The standard tooth library automatically places the correct tooth number on the die. You can modify the design to fit opposing and adjacent teeth. Supports new materials including Lava™ Plus, Lava™ Ultimate and Jensen consumables.  CAD software that guides you step-by-step making it easy to transition your work from the bench to the digital world. Mouse-based design: it's easy to modify your designs by simply moving your mouse instead of a brush. Supports traditional processes: you can design digitally or scan in a wax-up.  Automatically mark margins and place cement gap accurately and efficiently. Virtual wax knife tool lets you fine tune your design by adding or removing wax as needed Optimal procelain support: the full contour design is cut back to create an anatomically designed coping. This provides optimal support for your veneering.

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