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Inside Dentistry
September 2012
Volume 8, Issue 9

An Interview with Albensi Laboratories

Don Albensi, CDT, President

INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): What are your laboratory’s main advantages? How is it unique?

DON ALBENSI (DA): Albensi Lab­oratories is a full-service domestic laboratory founded on the core values of service, quality, superior craftsmanship, open communication, and excellent customer care. Continually evolving from our core values, Albensi Laboratories adopted the use of CAD/CAM technology through software, equipment, and new materials. The introduction of new materials has enabled our departments to accurately determine the product mix that can be developed with these new offerings and how they will work within our various processes. If you place all of the pieces together, Albensi Laboratories can confidently compete with the lower cost of outsourcing.

ID: If you had to rank the most important elements of your success, what would be your top three, and why would they be your choices?

DA: There are several elements that contribute to the success of Albensi Laboratories. The top three elements that come to mind are persistence, courage, and a healthy work environment. Albensi Laboratories is very persistent with its quality of work, representation in the field, and its national reach. The strength behind our persistence has allowed the Albensi team to face and overcome challenges in an ever-changing competitive industry. The courage that Albensi Laboratories exudes has propelled the laboratory to new heights. The persistence and courage has strengthened the team to face outsourcing head-on through our high-quality craftsmanship at a price level that can compete. Developing a healthy environment for our employees has assisted our team in cultivating a workplace where talented professionals want to be involved. The healthy environment has enabled us to recruit top CAD/CAM designers, CDTs, operational managers, marketing, and sales personnel. As our healthy environment changes we are faced with making decisions that have impactful results at a very early stage. The changes we face only strengthen our team, persistent nature, and revolutionize our courage.

ID: What most emphatically defines your approach to business?

DA: Albensi Laboratories knows that the success of the dental practice requires every case to be done right. The patient’s satisfaction and dental health are the common interest that makes teamwork essential. Many of our dental practices have made positive comments about our “can do” attitude.

ID: What inspires the forward motion of your company in today’s marketplace?

DA: Albensi Laboratories gains inspiration from the ability to bring work back to the United States. The unique digital workflow that we have created has enabled our laboratory to compete with outsourcing prices without compromising quality. Some of the materials used in our digital workflow are monolithic restorations known within the industry as BruxZir® and e.max®.

ID: What are your top initiatives for 2012 and 2013?

DA: Albensi Laboratories has several initiatives for 2012 and 2013. We are striving to effectively manage and increase growth as we continually evolve within the dental laboratory industry. We are developing an efficient management for growth without compromising the high standard of quality for which we are known.


ID: How is the global economy impacting your operations?

DA: As the global economy experiences ups and downs, so do the patients scheduling dental visits. As more companies are dropping dental insurances or coverage is being drastically reduced, it is imperative that Albensi Laboratories provide high-quality restorations at sensible prices. If a dental practice can provide affordable dentistry to a cash-paying customer, the least our laboratory can do is provide a superior product, while not compromising quality or esthetics at a lower cost.


ID: Can you share anything that you might have in the pipeline right now?

DA: As the number of dental laboratories that close continues to increase each year, Albensi Laboratories is striving to be a trusted liaison by providing an ease of transition for dental practices that would like to move forward with new technologies. Aside from digitizing traditional impressions, we currently work with dental practices that utilize intraoral scanners, such as Lava™ C.O.S., CEREC®, and Cadent iTero. In addition, we have the capability of working with forthcoming units such as the 3Shape Trios. Albensi Laboratories delivers restorations with superior quality at rates that can compete with outsourcing. Our most recent campaign lasts until October 31, 2012 and offers single unit BruxZir® restorations for $89.00. To learn more about Albensi Laboratories, please visit our website at or contact us directly at 800-734-3064. Special offers can also be found on Facebook at and Twitter at

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