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Inside Dentistry
July 2023
Volume 19, Issue 7

Quality and Support for Delivering Clear Aligners on a Large Scale

ClearCorrect® provides precision and comfort among other benefits

Jennifer Derse, DDS, is chief clinical director for a group of 26 dental practices, but she says that Espire Dental is a different type of dental service organization (DSO). In fact, Espire is pioneering a new practice category as an integrated dental organization (IDO). "We wanted to start a different type of organization that would focus on relationships, the team, and the patient experience rather than a race to the bottom," Derse says.

Derse joined Espire Dental because her practice in Glendale, Colorado, had reached its capacity for growth. With 12 treatment rooms and a fee-for-service model, the practice was no longer able to accept new patients. "Telling people ‘No' is difficult as a provider," Derse says. "We partnered with Espire to create a high-touch, high-quality, and easy experience for patients."

As chief clinical director, Derse works with more than 50 dentists across four states. On some cases, she video conferences with dentists to help with the treatment plans. On more complex ones, she sometimes spends entire days in the office, mentoring doctors during cases from start to finish. "I am serving the profession in a really different way," she says. "It is a lot of work, but it is fantastic. I get to see a lot more and do a lot more."

One of Derse's favorite cases was memorable not only because of the patient and the outcome but also because of a new product that she discovered during the course of it. The case involved a young woman who had never been to a dentist. She needed "all-encompassing treatment," but could not afford it. Derse decided to do the case for free and got her ceramist to join her, but her clear aligner partner declined, so Derse decided to try ClearCorrect®, which was willing to join her in working pro bono. "Over the course of 5 months, we aligned the patient, and we did not need any refinements," Derse says. "The case came out exactly the way that I wanted it to, which was impressive considering how significant the movement was." The patient reported that she no longer experienced headaches, and she even started working as a model. "She said that she felt like a butterfly coming out of her cocoon," Derse recalls. "Seeing that happen for patients is always so rewarding, whether they are paying you or not. That was one of the best multidisciplinary cases that I have ever done. Afterward, I stayed with ClearCorrect and never left."

Drawing on Straumann's 60-year legacy of research and innovation, ClearCorrect has created an exceptional end-to-end clear aligner experience that empowers clinicians to do their best work. The company delivers the support that dentists need with the freedom that they want and the quality orthodontic products that their patients deserve. ClearCorrect aligners are engineered for precision, comfort and esthetics, so they work without impacting patients' daily lives. Born from decades of material science, research, and innovation, they combine ClearCorrect's proprietary ClearQuartz tri-layer material with high and flat trimlines, which  makes them remarkably retentive and effective. Furthermore, the ClearPilot treatment planning tool makes case management easy, and the TPO (Treatment Plan Optimization) program provides orthodontic experts to evaluate cases and review 3D treatment setups so that they can help develop comprehensive treatment plans, identify challenging movements, maximize efficiency, and avoid treatment pitfalls. ClearCorrect's global TPO partners are directly integrated into its doctor portal and ClearPilot software via the collaborator suite to provide a seamless collaborative experience.

According to Derse, although the higher trimline may seem trivial, the difference in comfort is noticeable. "I test everything that we use on myself first—from acid etches to clear aligners," she says. "The ClearCorrect aligners were more comfortable than the aligners that we used previously. In addition, because they are moving the teeth 0.3 mm per step instead of 0.2 mm, cases can be completed in less time. Completing cases more quickly means less chair time and fewer appointments for the patient."

When compared with some other aligners, ClearCorrect aligners use fewer attachments, which makes them fit better. "My husband just finished his ClearCorrect treatment, and the outcome was perfect," Derse says. "It is so predictable, so there are fewer refinements. Ultimately, the more procedures that you can complete in less time, the more work you can do and the more profitable you can be."

ClearCorrect's expert support, including TPO and the collaborator suite feature, is critical for an organization the size of Espire Dental. "In the whole spectrum of brands that we use for various procedures, this company has leaned in the most to support us and our growth," emphasizes Derse. "As we have scaled and grown, the ability to have our younger dentists supported by orthodontists on these cases has been so important because I would not be able to support more than 50 dentists on my own. I have been able to shift some of that responsibility, and ClearCorrect has accepted it. They have been fantastic."

Another benefit of ClearCorrect is its open nature, which allows it to be used in conjunction with various intraoral scanners. "Every practice should have a scanner, but to have to add another just for one specific procedure does not make sense," Derse says. "You should be able to choose one scanner based on its capabilities for restorative cases and utilize it for your orthodontics as well."

Of course, predictability is always a high priority in dentistry, and Derse acknowledges that many dentists are comfortable with their current aligner systems. However, she encourages them to try ClearCorrect like she did. "Being comfortable shouldn't inhibit you from finding something better by trying new things as products evolve," she says. "Getting out of your comfort zone can be really rewarding once you adjust your habits. If you have a growth mindset and you are flexible, trying something new can be hugely beneficial. For us, ClearCorrect is highly predictable and efficient, the fees are incredibly reasonable, and the support is amazing."

With those advantages, ClearCorrect helps accomplish Espire Dental's mission of providing higher-quality dentistry. "They say that ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,'" Derse says. "Even if the dentists who I have mentored leave Espire Dental at some point, I know that I have given them the tools to make dentistry better for each other and for our patients. I really am passionate about that."

Key Points

•High, flat trimlines make ClearCorrect aligners more comfortable and retentive.

•Fewer attachments help make treatment more precise and predictable, which leads to fewer refinements.

•Expert orthodontists help with treatment planning via TPO and the collaborator suite.

•ClearCorrect features an open digital workflow with various intraoral scanners.

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