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Inside Dentistry
April 2024
Volume 20, Issue 4

ClearCorrect® Continues Refining and Improving

Commitment to excellence drives exponential growth

The clear aligner market is one of the fastest growing segments in dentistry, and perhaps no company better exemplifies that than ClearCorrect®. Now available in more than 60 countries, ClearCorrect has demonstrated its commitment to forward progress with consistent upgrades and an ever expanding suite of resources for dentists. "We have been working relentlessly over the past few years to improve the orthodontic process for our clinicians and their patients," says Laura Sterling, the company's head of global marketing and education. "At ClearCorrect, our purpose is to unlock the potential of people's lives by creating smiles and restoring confidence. We are really transitioning our focus to becoming the ultimate partner for clinical excellence in order to help our clinicians have an exceptional end-to-end aligner experience."

ClearCorrect's global footprint now includes regionalized manufacturing and treatment planning centers across four continents. The company also launched more than a dozen new features and products in 2023, ranging from clinical aligner features to improvements within the ClearPilot treatment viewing software that give clinicians more control and flexibility. In addition, they have introduced a variety of practice growth tools and educational resources. "We want to provide dentists with what they need to expand their reach, treat more patients, and help patients feel more comfortable moving forward with clear aligner treatment," Sterling says.

Founded by dentists prior to joining the Straumann Group, ClearCorrect continues to be guided by maintaining customer centricity as a core value. "Listening carefully to dentists' needs and responding quickly to their feedback by investing in our products and services has helped us grow and evolve to be the global leader in clear aligner therapy that we are today," Sterling says.

Meanwhile, the Straumann Group's backing and support have elevated ClearCorrect's product portfolio. "We are recognized for our advanced materials, our fully integrated workflow, and our approach to building powerful relationships with customers," Sterling says. "The Straumann Group has a 60-year legacy of research and innovation, and since the acquisition of ClearCorrect in 2017, the group has made significant investments in our overall value proposition, elevating our technologies, our products, and our user experience to the premium level for which the Straumann Group is known."

ClearCorrect does not plan to slow its growth. Sterling explains that the plan is to continue at a cadence of two major releases per year. Just last month, another suite of products and features was released, which included deeper integrations with intraoral scanners—especially with Straumann's Virtuo Vivo. In addition, the capabilities of the ClearCorrect® Sync app were expanded to make collecting and submitting records, as well as managing cases, more streamlined. Version 8.0 of the ClearPilot software was also part of the release, which includes more advanced 3D editing tools for tasks such as visualizing bite jump and positioning the jaw for multidisciplinary cases. "Historically, our focus has really been on evolving our aligner into the premier aligner that it has become, so now, we are really diving deeper into our digital workflow," Sterling says. "We are working to make it more customizable, more visual, and more insightful to our users."

With the Straumann Group's backing, ClearCorrect expects to continue being an industry leader by pushing the clear aligner market forward. "We believe that, together with our customers, we are set up for exponential growth," Sterling says, "and we will continue to change lives by bringing healthier, more confident smiles to patients around the world."


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